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What experienced marketers know -- and usually don't talk about -- is that very little of what they do is original.

Successful copywriters, web designers, and infoproduct marketers all take one thing that works and use it over and over again.

Copywriters are probably the most blatant about this. They even have a word for the piles of advertisements and sales letters that they collect so they can copy from them later.

They call them "swipe files."

That's because they swipe and use what they like and what they already know is effective.

Overall, you really can't blame them. It's smart actually. If they were to copy things word for word, well that wouldn't be right. But borrowing from what works and then changing it for your own use -- to fit your own application -- well that's just plain smart.

And they know it can make you rich.

Rick Butts

'This is EXACTLY what new Internet Marketers need!"

"When I saw the Million Dollar Template for the first time, I said 'This is EXACTLY what new Internet Marketers need to put up a website that actually sells.'

Bravo, Mark, for making this so clear and easy. "

--Rick Butts
Blog Monetization Expert

"I can finally reward my wife's 28 years of patience"

Mark, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the tools I needed to put me on the path of making my dreams finally come true. I have been telling my wife for 28 years about how the "BIG ONE" was right around the corner. I am happy to report that: 1. despite my best efforts, I'm still married and; 2. with the help of the "Landing Page Cash Machine" and your Million Dollar Template I can finally reward my wife's 28 years of patience and support. (it's not easy being married to a clinically compulsive entrepreneur)

Craig Spaid

Listen to Craig talk about his "Real, Tangible Results" with the Landing Page Cash Machine and Million Dollar Template.

"The template was an enormous help when setting up my landing pages. I noticed an increase in sales within a day."

--Kevin Simpson

This is THE complete resource for maximizing the ROI of your traffic. The program includes helpful and informative educational components, but more importantly, you get proven,tested templates for a variety of landing pages. As a fellow trainer, I really appreciate Mark's step-by-step approach. No fluff, no hype, just rock solid, high performing pages. Great job Mark!

Internet Marketers who are good at what they do -- let's call them "successful direct marketers" -- do the same thing. They'll build a landing page, tweak and test the heck out of it, and turn it into a money machine.

Then they'll use that same landing page for their next product -- again tweaking and testing it to perform well with the product they are selling and the market they are targeting -- until it turns into a money-making machine, too.

Lather, rinse, repeat until "Wildly Successful"

Then they'll do it over and over again. Pretty soon, the only work they do is to check their bank accounts now and then.

But what if you don't have a landing page to start with?

The big problem with becoming successful with any new business is that you usually have to pay your dues for entry. With Internet Marketing, those dues come two ways.

Which of these is your story?

Here's Story #1.

You spend weeks or months of time learning HTML, Copywriting, graphic design, autoresponders, shopping carts and a thousand details so you can develop your website on your own.

Upset at spending
Hours on your site
and Still getting
Zero Sales?
End that Cycle Today.

No matter what you do, things just don't look right, and you know they aren't going to sell well. You know it's still wrong. So you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an expert's advice in the form of an ebook or coaching club or private consulting, trying to figure out how to "do it right" so you can get your business off the ground.

Time passes, your website isn't up, and you're losing money instead of making money.

(You did start all of this to make money, didn't you?)

Here's Story #2.

You invest your time and money in a web developer.

Now you at least have a head start with all that HTML and graphics stuff that you don't have to mess with, but the developer that you picked -- the one your friend or cousin recommended and *swears by* -- doesn't know a thing about direct marketing.

So you still have to learn how to lay out a page properly -- the "direct marketing "way that actually can sell something -- and then teach your developer. You have to link up the cart, put an optin form on your site, figure out how to write sales copy, teach your expert designer what an "affiliate" is, and on and on.

Chances are, your story is worse than both of those put together, because after spending all of that time and money, you're left with maxed-out credit cards and the despair that comes with not knowing if you'll ever be able to live your dream of being an internet marketer with an automatic, passive income business.

Don't you think it's the loss of faith that is the worst?

She Doesn't
Have to Be
Right. . .
any more

Most new web marketers start their new careers full of optimism, hope and big dreams. And they also carry the baggage of all of those "No You Can'ts."

What's a "No You Can't" ? Those are your family, friends and coworkers who like to squash your dreams and tell you that you'll never be successful online. Those are the people who you tell your grand plans to and they answer back "No, You Can't!"

They are the ones who feast on your failures to make their pessimism about their own lives a tiny bit less painful.

Aren't you sick of those Negative people?

Tellman Knudson

"Start Here!"

"If you're about to build a sales page, and you don't start with the Million Dollar Template, you're wasting your time building your website. . . and missing out on sales you could be making.

We say "Start Here and save the grief of starting from scratch!"

Tellman Knudson &
Ben Mack

Ben Mack

It's Time to Show Them Up

Once you've got a product to sell, there are really just two parts to Internet Marketing.

The first part is to get the traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business because if no one comes to your website, then they can't buy from you.

After you get Traffic,
What do you do with it?
Find out here.

Traffic is pretty easy to get, though. You can use articles, link exchanges, and other search engine strategies to get traffic to your site. There's a pretty clear path from "no traffic" to "flood of traffic".

But if all of that fails, you can go right over to Google and pay a few nickels for a click over to your site. Or you can pay ten bucks and get a bunch more clicks. Or you can pay a hundred or more and flood your site with traffic.

Each day, Every day.

"Finally A Way To Set Up A Landing Page that will get past the Google Trap and maximise your ad budget and get you all the subscribers you need."


But if you've got tons of traffic, and no one buys, then you're really back at square one.

Which brings us to the second part of internet marketing.

And that's conversion.

We call it "conversion" because you are converting:

  • Your Traffic into buyers,

  • Your prospects into customers, and

  • Your expenses into income.

We like conversion!

Conversion is important. Critical, actually. And that's because even if you are a master at getting traffic to your site, if they don't buy, you don't eat.

And conversion is exactly what the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template is all about.

It's your Landing Page "Swipe File"

There's really no reason to recreate the art and science of "how to sell" every time you put up a website. Heck, there's no reason to reinvent anything for your first website, either.

Mark Widawer

I've done that for you already.

My name is Mark Widawer, and I'm a Landing Page specialist and a traffic conversion expert. My book, "The Landing Page Cash Machine" has helped thousands of new or experienced internet marketers double, triple, and 10x their sales by following my advice.

But I didn't start out that way.

I've been a programmer for almost thirty years. Then I started a web hosting company. I became a Google Adwords Qualified Professional so I could drive traffic to my website.

I used to run Adwords campaigns for clients. The problem was, they would ask me to send traffic to their website that I knew would not sell! They thought that their problem was traffic, but it was really conversion all along.

At first, I would take on those challenges, but it got too darn depressing to predict the future and then watch it come true.

The Definitive Guide for
Converting your Traffic
Into Cash.

So I started offering my guidelines for landing pages. That grew into the Landing Page Cash Machine ebook. It's received rave reviews from a dozen top internet marketers, and thousands of users.

But so many of my readers needed so much help with their websites that I had to do more.

So, I offered my own Landing Page template -- the one I've used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own sales, and just like the ones that make literally millions of dollars on the Internet every week.

Now, I've improved it even more in about a dozen ways so that it sells even more.

The "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template

The template is more than just a single thing to swipe.

It's a whole swipefile of sale-making, cash-generating code, copy, and techniques that basically does two things.

First, it helps you make your best case to your prospects so that they can easily see that what you have to offer is exactly what they are looking for.

When they realize that, they'll want to buy what you have to offer.

But just as critical is the second important feature of the page. It's something you likely won't notice because it's designed to be hidden from view. It's something that exists only because you can't see it.

"A good, basic understanding of not only the 'whats' but also the 'whys' of putting together a landing page that gets results."

Chuck Staff
Internet Marketer

"Why re-create the wheel when everything is already done for you? Just fill in the blanks and voila!"

Gary Mountney

The "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template is absent of any distracting elements that get in the way of someone who wants to buy from you.

I want you to keep this in mind at all times.

Your reader has one thing on his mind -- the one question that he keeps asking himself while he's looking for a solution to his problem.

"Should I keep reading and see what else this page has to say?
Or should I click away now?"

"Stay or Go?"

"Buy or No?"

And he's honestly looking for any reason he can find to do one or the other...usually the other. People actively look for reasons to leave your site, so anything that gets in the way of their emotional experience -- anything that distracts them from their focus -- needs to be eliminated from your site.

You know this is all true because if your site is like most, you're making on average one sale from every 100 visitors. Or less.

So you know that more often, the answer is "no".

And your job, and the job of your Landing Page, is to get them to stay, to read more, and to take out their credit card.


Do You Want The Landing Page Template for Free?

It's okay with me.

Go ahead right now and right-click somewhere on this page and choose "View Source" from the menu that pops up. Take that HTML code and paste it into an HTML file of your own.

You can do that with my permission. My only request is that you keep the design copyright link at the bottom of the page so that in exchange for the Free layout, I get a link back to my site.

This very page is based on the exact same template that everyone else is going to get. This page is not identical to the template because you don't have to stick within some strict set of rules that say "exactly this has to go exactly here."

Before you do that, though, I really would like to be able to help you more than this.

"ABC - Simple"

My subscribers just need to know how to make their websites sell, and The Million Dollar Template… makes it ABC - simple. Just take the templates you get, type in your own stuff and add your own links, and you've got a sales page that will outperform just about anything you can come up with from scratch. Not to mention that it will make your copywriting quicker… help you overcome writer's block…. and save you hundreds OR thousands of dollars on web page design costs. It's a no-brainer, and I recommend it to all of my subscribers.

Wayne Van Dyck

"The experience and knowledge used to design this template is beyond reproach. I have learned an awful lot about web marketing from Mark Widawer in the last 18 months and recommend his publications and teachings without reservation."

Ben Vang

"LPCM is a wonderful way to get started building your list and selling products. Having a great landing page is so important and this ebook is a great way to start."

Bryan Toder
Internet Marketer

"This template contains essential information you need to be successful in ecommerce."

Dan Bonetati

"Mark Widawer knows what he's talking about. Well written. Highly recommended if you want to improve website conversion performance."

Mark Sceats
Internet Marketer


There's More to a Template Than You Can See.
The Magic of Testing

By far the most important thing you want to know is will your new landing page will make more sales for you?

Not only will I guarantee that it will, but I'll go so far as to promise you that if you follow my instructions, you'll also sell more next week than this week, and you'll sell more next month than this month.

That's because built into this landing page are three separate tests, all of which have proven to have a significant effect on conversions. Unfortunately, the testing code is 'behind the scenes', and written in a language called PHP. Once it's run, It's filtered out by the server, so you can't see it right now.

"Great way to save time. The inclusion of the PHP for tracking was greatly helpful."

Lillian Sanchez

"You can't make it any easier than this. With Mark's Templates it's literally cut and paste."

Jared Myers

And along with this PHP testing code, I give you simple instructions on how to set up the testing so that you can run three different headlines to see which one results in more sales.

I promise you that at least one of them will stand out as a big winner or a big loser. If it's the winner, then you may have just doubled your profits. And if it's a loser, well then you've saved yourself weeks or months of money-losing advertising expenses.

The testing works like magic to maximize your conversions, so either way, you win.

And either way, you can run new tests as much as you want, forever if you like, until your happy with the money flowing into your bank account.

If you don't need testing, or any of the content in the accompanying ebook or teleseminar, then you've got my blessing to right-click now and copy this template for your own use.

What's in the "Million Dollar" Template Ebook?

The ebook that you'll get with your template explains in a simple paint-by-numbers style how to use the template. You'll discover not only what the Template magically does, but why it does it and how it works.

You may not be as fascinated by what makes people buy as some people, but understanding how to motivate your prospects to reach for their credit card is really something you should know.

(Psssst. . . your customers won't always know what motivates them, but YOU will.)

Your livelihood depends on it. And so does your pride.

That's why each chapter ends with a section called "Your Action Plan" so you understand exactly what to do to maximize your profits.

It's over 30 pages of a practical, hands-on, plain language chat about how to get more of your prospects to really understand the value of your offer, and then accept it.

Joel Comm
Revenue Generation Expert

"Like a rubber stamp you can use to print money "

I know a lot about effective templates. I use templates all the time to generate tens of thousands of dollars in Adsense Revenue.

It just doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel each time you want to start a new project.

Mark's "Million Dollar" Templates are like a rubber stamp you can use to print money right from your website.

--Joel Comm


Packed Full of Sales-Making, Cash-Creating
Modern Marketing Techniques

Here's what else you're going to discover in the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template and Ebook.

  • Why Landing Pages look the way they do, and how you can maximize sales by using information you already know. (page 8)

  • The importance of a headline, and three simple templates to create classic attention-grabbing headlines. (page 9)

  • Why the formatting of your body text matters. (page 9)

  • The purpose of a subheadline and why you may lose half your sales if you don't use them, or write them wrong. (page 11)

  • How to influence your readers with color, and how to know which one sells best. (page 12)

  • Secrets of using images correctly, and 4 Important qualities of any image to make them work well for you. (page 14)

  • What people ALWAYS do with photos, and how to use that information to increase sales.

  • What may turn out to be even more critical to get right (or at least not get wrong) than a headline. (page 15)

  • The single most important -- and legitimate -- influence technique you absolutely must have on your page. (page 18)

  • How to format your bullets for maximum readability and scannability.

  • Why it's critical that you prepare NOT to sell, and how you can do it effectively to actually increase sales. (page 21)

  • There's something extremely important that you need to do BEFORE you tell your readers your price. Sales are an uphill struggle unless you know this secret. (page 23)

  • How to make and format your offer -- and what not to put in your offer (page 25).

  • The one essential element that ever offer must have in order to get your prospects to happily, joyfully "buy now"! (page 26)

  • The sale is not over after the offer is made. What to do next to really create a rush to your order form. (page 27)

  • The most important thing about your guarantee is. . . (Find out on page 28)

  • Establishing Trust on your landing page. Two things to add that will help you close more sales. (page 30)

  • The purpose of your P.S., and why it's so important (page 30)

Plus, the template itself is a mini copywriting lesson, filled with information about what to write, and when to write it. Which probably brings you to this question:

What About the Copy?

The Copy! Often the most challenging part of any sales letter.

Well, here are a few things to keep in mind about copy.

First, you probably already know that really great copy is expensive. But what you probably didn't realize is that bad copy is even more expensive.

That's because if you're paying someone to write copy for you, and it's bad copy, you're not only wasting your money, but you're wasting your time waiting, hoping and wishing that things will get better soon.

David Garfinkel,
Master Copywriter

David Garfinkel on
The Million Dollar Template.

"With The Landing Page Cash Machine Template, Mark does what other gurus should be doing all the time (but rarely do) in their own products. . . He shows you step-by-step how to put together Web pages that really rake in the money!

Mark sets the standard for what this kind of product should look like.

You can rest easy because Mark has gone the distance and done the hard work -- so you don't have to! This is a great product."

--David Garfinkel
Founder, World Copywriting Newsletter

Mike Morgan, CopywriterMike Morgan

"Side-stepping the frustration. . . Incredibly easy to use"

Hey Mark, your Million Dollar Template is absolutely a no-brainer! Now creating high-converting, money-zone web pages (complete with copy) saves hours upon hours of time. Not to mention side-stepping the frustration that comes with staring down the blank page! Incredibly easy to use.

--Mike Morgan
Million Dollar Copywriter

Well, I've added a bonus to this package that will help you deal with this issue one of two ways. I'm going to give you a copy of the classical copywriting book, "Scientific Advertising" by Caples.

It's the one copywriting book that every great copywriter has read, refers to regularly, and calls "the most important book on copywriting ever", or something even stronger.

Read this book and you'll be able to sniff out a good copywriter from a pack of rotten ones with ease. It's well worth it to know that you're not wasting your money before you've spent it.

Now, if you're so inclined, you can do what the pros do and learn from the book, and write your own copy.

Chances are good that if you read and absorb what Caples has to say, you'll do pretty well. . . and save yourself a ton of money in the process.

You'll get "Scientific Advertising" Free with your template.

Doesn't Landing Page + Sales copy = Google Slap?

Ah, yes. You've been awake and listening these last few months!

Last Summer, Google changed the rules. Now, they look at the "quality" of a website before determining how much Adwords (pay per click) traffic they want to send there.

Campaigns and keywords that used to cost a nickel a click shot up to $2 and $5 per click. 10 cent clicks shot up to $10 or more. It was a nightmare.

But here's what you need to know about that.

It only applies to Google, and it only applies to Adwords ads. If Adwords aren't part of your advertising efforts, then don't worry about it. But if Adwords is important, there's an easy solution.

As soon as the Google Slap hit, I went to work trying to figure out what Google wants. The results of my study was an ebook called:

6 Steps to Make Your Website Irresistible to
Google's Spiders, Bots and Site Quality Detectives,
and Drop Your Cost Per Click by 90% to 99% or more"

It was a Hit, and was downloaded by thousands of internet marketers all over the world.

I then invited Perry Marshall (Adwords Master), Dave Taylor (Author, Growing your Business with Google") and David Garfinkel (World's Greatest Copywriting Coach) to join me on a teleseminar for several hundred listeners.

We discussed what Google wants, why it wants it, and how to give it to them. And the net result of the Googleicious Ebook and Teleseminar was thousands of web marketers getting their clicks back to pennies from the dollars they were being charged.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall about the original
Landing Page Cash Machine

You can have the best-organized Google campaigns in the world with sky-high Click Thru rates, thousands of great keywords and sensational ad copy... but if your new visitor doesn't say "That's for me!" when she lands on your website, then AdWords was nothing but a sophisticated way to max out your credit cards.

Mark Widawer's Landing Page Cash Machine solves that problem with simple, actionable, relevant advice and free scripts that cause visitors to stay on your website and buy from you instead of the competition.

My advice? Get a copy.

--Perry Marshall
Google Adwords Authority & Internet Marketing Expert

One client of mine literally had his costs drop from $5 down to a nickel or dime in just minutes based on what's taught in the Googleicious package.

What's In The Box?

So what does the Landing Page Template package actually include? You'll be surprised at how much you're about to receive.

"Million Dollar" Landing Page Template

You'll get the actual template, complete with testing code, strategically placed influential elements, a style sheet and dozens of other cash-generating features to make your website sell, and sell like crazy!


Download Yours Now
and you'll get this professionally designed, made-to-sell-like-crazy landing page template.

"Million Dollar" Landing Page Template Ebook

The "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template Ebook is packed with over 30 pages of sales-conversion theory . . . and tactics that are brought to life on the Template itself.

You'll discover what works, and WHY it works, so you can mix and match influential elements to make almost any kind of offer successful.

Download Yours Now
and you'll get over 30-pages of pure cash-creating Landing Page best practices, plus a simple How-To for every technique.

Landing Page "Blueprint" Teleseminar

The first edition of this template, then called the "Landing Page Blueprint", was created for my Workshop members, and I held a special teleseminar just for them to talk them through how the Template works and how to implement it.

It's an intensive, hour and 41 minute long, Landing Page course, and you need to hear what's in it.

Download Yours Now
and you'll get a downloadable MP3, plus streaming audio of this powerful teleseminar.

Joan Stewart on the original
Landing Page Cash Machine

“The first time I read ‘Landing Page Cash Machine,” I was actually sinking into my chair, embarrassed that I’ve been overlooking some really basic stuff about how to encourage my visitors to buy from me.

Mark’s book was the kick in the butt I needed. Every website owner will learn hundreds of common-sense strategies they can implement today, and dozens of secrets known only by the best Internet marketers, on how to convert visitors to buyers, and buyers to lifetime customers.”

--Joan Stewart

Hiring Programmers and Web Designers can be Expensive

One of the rotten things about the Internet -- or any new project you're rushing into -- is being held hostage by people who know more than you do. When they have the upper hand, they usually want to use it to pick your pocket.

Regular web developers -- the ones who create those fancy corporate presence websites that cost a lot of money but have never made a sale -- charge a ton of money. When I was in that business (never again!), I'd see companies bill out their programmers at $125 per hour.

A 10-hour scratch-built landing page project (not including Thank You pages, Opt-in Pages, or other support pages) would run you $1,250 at that rate.

Don't do it, please.

You'd end up paying far too much for far too long to end up with far too little.

And zero sales.

You'd be far better off getting an inexpensive web developer in the $15 to $25 range, giving him this template, and your sales copy, and having him pop in your own content for a couple of hours.

Or, get the template, pop it into your HTML editor yourself like FrontPage, Dreamweaver or BBedit, and do it yourself.

Yes, You Can!

Whichever you choose, you'll end up with a page that will sell far better than any corporate branding site would. And you'll do it for a fraction of the investment.

Start Now

"Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System

This paint-by-numbers "Million Dollar" Landing Page template system will eventually retail for


But, during this introductory offer, your net investment -- an investment that will save you weeks or months of development time and hundreds or thousands of dollars of development fees, but that produces a landing page that will sell more for you -- is yours for only


That's a savings of $110!

Download Now

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

Some very important things you should know:

This Introductory Offer Ends Soon

I've discounted the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template during this introductory period because I need a favor from you. I've got a bunch of testimonials for my Version 1 "Blueprint" Template, but this new version is better, more advanced, and more clearly explained.

I need some new testimonials, and I'd like one from you.

So, that's why I want to get as many copies of the Template into the hands of beginning and intermediate marketers as possible.

Act Now and Get These Great Bonuses!

There's more to building a successful direct marketing website than the landing page. That's why I'm adding these time-saving, cash-generating bonuses to your package.

You'll receive ALL of the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 - The List Builder's
Squeeze Page Template

One of the best ways ever invented to build your list is a Squeeze Page. . . a page designed to do one thing and one thing only. . . get a name and an email address.

Use the Squeeze Page (also called an Optin Page or Registration Page) when you want to offer something to new prospects or existing customers for Free.

This is a $29.95 Value, Yours Free

Get the Squeeze Page Template today with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

Bonus #2 - Password-Protected Download Page Template!

After you sell your info product, how are you going to deliver it?

Novice internet marketers have been trying to figure this out for a long time, and either have had to pay developers hundreds of dollars to password-protect their download pages, or left their pages wide open to malicious hackers.

Using this page, you can password-protect your download page so that only those who have your special "download code" can see the links.

Did you know that even if there are no links to your download page, Google and Yahoo can add those pages to their search engines, literally giving away your product for Free to anyone who clicks???

This download page is specially coded to prevent Search Engines from indexing your download page.

All of the programming is built into this easy-to-use template. All you need to do is add your own content and a link to your product download. All the hard work is done for you!

Stop Thieves in their tracks. Get the Download Page Template now.

This is a $39.95 Value, Yours Free

Here's your Download page template when your customer first sees it. It requires a password before your customer can see the product download links.

Here's the Download page after logging in. You can put anything you want to protect on a page like this.

Get the Download Page Template today with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

Bonus #3 - Slap Google Back with the Googleicious Ebook!

All the rules for Google Adwords changed last summer, and thousands of legitimate online businesses -- maybe yours included -- went out of business over night.

Suddenly, millions of keywords shot up from 5 cents to 5 dollars, from 10 cents to 10 dollars, 20 dollars or more!

The Googleicious Ebook tells you exactly what Google wants, and how to cut your cost per click by 95%, 99% or more.

And your keyword costs can drop in just minutes!

If you're a big Adwords advertiser, this 26-page bonus ebook can be worth thousands of dollars to you every week, and it's yours Free with your order.

Get the Googleicious Ebook today with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

Bonus #4 - Googleicious
Teleseminar MP3!

In the wake of Google's Slap, I assembled a panel of experts to talk about the problem and figure out how to give Google what it wants and restore the traffic to thousands of affected websites.

The teleseminar was recorded and is now available via MP3. You'll hear valuable insights from:

  • Perry Marshall, the world's best authority on Google Adwords explains what Google is up to, even if it's not clear to the public.

  • Dave Taylor, author of "Growing your Business with Google" explains how to write great content that ranks high in search engines.

  • David Garfinkel, the World's Greatest Copywriting Coach, on how to write great sales copy in a world where "content is king."

This teleseminar is offered normally at $39.95, but it's yours Free with your order.

Perry Marshall

Dave Taylor

David Garfinkel

Get the Googleicious MP3 Teleseminar Download with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

Bonus #5 - Scientific Advertising

Your landing page is going to need some good sales copy, but not everyone knows how to write it.

In fact, most people don't.

Motivating people is a skill to be learned, and once you learn it, the size of your paycheck is just a choice you make for yourself.

Scientific Advertising is the bible of modern sales effectiveness. In fact, every great copywriter -- Garfinkel, Bencivenga, Carlton, and more -- will swear by it.

You'll get this invaluable ebook to add to your library.

This is a $14.95 Value, Yours Free

Get Scientific Advertising today with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

Bonus #6 - Web Marketer's Landing Page Size Template

Experienced web developers know how important it is to think about the user when developing a landing page.

You really need to see your web page as it appears on a screen as small as 800 x 600, or as large as 1280 x 1024 or more.

This desktop background image will help you determine immediatley how your page will appear on screens of all sizes.

It takes about 30 seconds to install, and will pay you back for years as it helps you create pages formatted for any size screen.

This is a $29.95 Value, Yours Free

Get the Web Marketer's Landing Page Size Template today with your Order of the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System.

It's a Complete Money-Making Sales Blueprint!

Beginning and Intermediate marketers like you can spend a lot of time messing around with technical things that just should not be a part of your day. The "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System makes direct marketing website development faster, easier and more profitable for the non-techie marketer.

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Will it Work for You?

There is a lot about Landing Pages that you can learn just by being an astute observer of web marketing. You'll discover that narrow pages work better than wide ones. That long sales letters work better than short ones (especially for high priced products of $500 or more).

  • But what you won't ever discover are those things that are going on "under the hood".

  • You likely won't figure out which influence techniques are at work making people buy.

  • And you won't know what will work FOR YOU, until you try it.

After all, selling flowers is different than selling legal advice, and you can't use the same page to sell to both.

But that's why I felt it was critically important to stand behind my "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System as solidly and plainly as I have.

My Promise to You

I have a very simple promise to make to you. If the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template system is not everything I've said it is, and if it doesn't for any reason earn you back ten or 1oo times the purchase price, I want you to ask for a full and complete refund.

You've got 90 days to think about it, experiment with it, learn from it, and make money with it. That should give you plenty of time to know one way or the other that the Template is the critical tool that boosts your online sales success.


I hope you think so, because I've been told it's more than fair.

If you don't like it, or it doesn't work at least as well as I've described, you get your money back.

Simple as that.


The "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template
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You'll get the entire "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template System, valued at $197. That includes the template itself (now with three kinds of split testing built in), the ebook that explains how it works and how to use it on your website, and the original "Landing Page Blueprint" teleseminar.

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  • The Googleicious Teleseminar, with Perry Marshall, Dave Taylor, and David Garfinkel (a $39.95 value)
  • The Web Marketer's Landing Page Size Template ($29.95 value)

And, if you are one of the first 100 to get the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template, you'll also be invited to the Landing Page Q&A Teleseminar ($39.95 value).

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I always stand here with the singular goal of your success. I've worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming for you by investing in this system.

Whether you need it to save you the time of developing your own landing page design, or your web designer just doesn't "get it" about internet marketing, or you're desperate to earn tons more money from the traffic you already have, the "Million Dollar" Landing Page Template will solve your problem.

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P.S. This is my life's work, so I care about what happens to you.

If you didn't notice my very simple Guarantee, go back and read it, please. If this system helps you sell more of your product or service so that you can rest easier at night, please let me know. On the other hand, on the off chance it doesn't, I really do want you to let me know so I can issue you a refund.

It's really no problem.

Download it now with safety and confidence.


"The Landing Page Cash Machine Template is an excellent pre-made template that has been fully optimized to put all the things that matter in exactly the right place. All you need is a little HTML knowledge to know how to personalize it, it's really not that hard."

Duncan Macintyre
Internet Marketer

"Honestly you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn't use this landing page template."

Shane Pettman


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